Natural Resources - Pune

Natural resources of any particular region depict the economical and infrastructural development of that region. The vast presence of natural resources results in the well developed economy of any` region. Pune located in the western parts of the Maharashtra is blessed with few important natural resources.


Pune has two main rivers which flow through the city: Mula and Mutha. These are the tributaries of the Bhima. Two more rivers, Pavana and Indrayani traverse the northwestern outskirts of the urban area. However these rivers are facing threat due to increasing level of pollution, especially during the immersion of Ganesh idols during Ganesh Chaturthi. Various NGOs and social organizations are making efforts to create awareness regarding environment friendly approach towards these rivers.


Pune is surrounded by hills and deep forests. Pune forest circle includes Solapur district and Pune district. Pune district includes one main division Pune and two subdivisions namely Bhor and Junnar. Various medicinal plants are found in these forests. Timbers are the main source of income for the residing tribal people.
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