Kisan Exhibition in Pune

Kisan India is the largest agricultural show of India. It aims to bring farmers, leaders in the field of agriculture, researchers and scientists, wholesale dealers and other people related to agriculture at one platform. The exhibition is held every year in Pune in December. The host city Pune or Poona is the best location for the exhibition. Pune is the hub for leading research and educational institutes in India. Pune depicts the Marathi culture and is become a popular attraction for holding such exhibitions. The centralized location of Pune and its easy connectivity via rail and road makes this city a commercial hub for agricultural exhibitions.

Kisan Agriculture Exhibition Pune

Why Visit Kisan Exhibition Pune

The first question that comes to your mind will be why you should be a part of the Kisan exhibition. The answer lies in the type of people it attracts. Kisan exhibition is considered as the top event for the entire agricultural industry. It showcases the various new technologies in agriculture. Exhibitors from all over the world showcase the new discoveries in agriculture which in turn help the Indian farmers to produce better agricultural products. It serves as a platform for all farmers, researchers, and decision makers of the agricultural industry to share their views.

How to Participate in Kisan Exhibition

If you are in agricultural industry and want your business to grow further, Kisan exhibition is the place where you will meet your potential customers. In order to participate or book your space in Kisan exhibition, you can book a minimum area of 9 square meter.  The cost for the same is Rs 7,000 per square meter which is equivalent to $180 per square meter. If you want corner stands or premium locations, you can avail the same by paying 9-12% extra.

Date and Venue
Kisan Exhibition is held every year in the month of December. Kisan 2013 will be held from December 11 to December 17, 2013. The venue for this is Hindustan Antibiotics Ground in Pimpri.

Other Facts

Kisan Agro Exhibition PuneKisan exhibition ground is spread across area of 80,000 sq m. It has about 15 acres of parking which can accommodate about 1,500 cars and about 3,000 two wheelers. There is a bus service during the exhibition. More than 60 buses are being deployed from the venue to the main junction.

The organizers of Kisan exhibitions take very good care of the promotion of the exhibition. They send more than two lakhs of personal email invitations to the prospective customers and visitors. Almost one lakh personal calls are made to the visitors for blocking the dates and visiting the exhibition. They also make sure that last minute SMS reminders are also made to the visitors. More than five lakh SMS reminders are sent every year.

Registration for Kisan Exhibition Pune

It is very simple to register for Kisan exhibition. You can do the process online too. You just need to provide the basic details and you are done with registration process. For a single entry pass you have to pay Rs 60 for on the spot registration and Rs 40 if you book in advance. You can also buy a business pass this will entitle you to visit the Kisan exhibition as many times as you want in the five days. This pass cost Rs 100 if you book online and Rs 120 if you do on the spot registration.

This exhibition is worth visiting for all the people in the agricultural sector.
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