Exhibitions in Pune

Pune or traditionally known as Poona is the next developing city after Mumbai. The city now attracts talent from all over the country. People are migrating from other cities to this new hub for various reasons like better job opportunities and education. Industries in Pune are growing at a fast pace and the city is developing too. People of all culture and interest are residing here. Pune also attracts a lot of exhibitors from all over the country to showcase or exhibit their products as Pune is a good market for them. Pune has become one of the major cities where major or important exhibitions are held every year. It is also known as a commercial hub for most of the industries. The city holds various property exhibitions, art exhibitions and many more.

Pune Auto Expo

Auto Expo Pune

Pune also attracts auto lovers. Young crowd in Pune is really fond of various automobiles and are keen to know more about the new technology in the automobile sector too. Pune is also known as the hub for automobile sector and hence it serves a great place for experts and researchers to showcase their products in Pune by arranging various automobile exhibitions. One of the well-known automobile exhibitions, Pune Auto Expo, is generally held in December.

Property Exhibition in Pune

The real estate of Pune is growing and is in demand. There are lots of buildings coming up in Pune and in nearby area. Investors too believe that Pune is a growing city and hence they are willing to invest in properties in Pune. To spread information about properties in Pune, reputed builders come together in various exhibitions and showcase their properties. Some of the popular property exhibitions held in Pune are real estate expo, times property expo. Pune property exhibitions are generally held during the months of September and December.

Art Exhibition in Pune

Painting Exhibition Pune

Residents of Pune appreciate the art as well. They are fascinated about the various art sculptures and art paintings. Different types of art from all over the country are showcased here in various art exhibitions. Most of the art exhibitions are held in the famous Koregaon Park and Baner area of Pune. Some of the well known art exhibitions are Roop Rachna, Chasing the Sun, The Art Katta exhibition. Pune also has a number of art galleries where visitors can have a look of the famous art drawings by people.

Painting Exhibition in Pune

Like art, painting culture is also well recognized in Pune. Painters from all over the country exhibit their talent and the real appreciators of talent in Pune buy these valuable paintings. Some of the famous painting exhibition includes Roop Rachna where painters showcase their talent by variety of abstract paintings, model painting and many more kind of painting. Another reknowned exhibition, generally held in December, is organized by Kavita Bankapure.

Kisan Exhibition Pune

KISAN is India’s largest show in agriculture. This exhibition brings various leaders and experienced people in agriculture sector at one platform. It exhibits the various new technologies which can be used in agriculture in the most cost-effective manner. It is beneficial for the people in agriculture industry to visit this exhibition. Progressive farmers, dairy cooperatives, bulk buyers, bankers, researchers and scientists are the main visitors. This exhibition is held in December.

Other Trade Fairs in Pune

Apart from the above-mentioned exhibitions, there are various trade fairs which are organized in Pune. To name a few, India Golf Expo - sports fair of India is organized in Pune. Trade fairs for machine and tools which includes Emat International and Pune Machine tools expo are also organized in Pune. The city also encourages the photographers and hold regular competitions and exhibitions for the new talents. This event is mostly held in October every year.
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