Courts in Pune

The courts can be defined as the government institution, or a tribunal which has the authority to adjudicate the legal disputes between different parties. Courts carry out the administration of the justice in civil, administrative and the criminal matters according to the rules mentioned in the Indian law. In Civil and Common law or legal systems of any country, the courts are the central means for the resolution of cases.

Pune District Court

Normally, there are three parties present in court during the case. The first is the person who has a grievance or the plaintiff, the second party is defendant and the judicial power or the judge, who listens to both parties and makes the decision on the basis of the evidence available. There are different types of courts in Pune, which have different judiciaries for different cases.

District Court Pune

The people who don’t agree with the decisions given by the lower court in any case can appeal to the District Court. Earlier, the panchayat or village council was the chief judicial body in Pune. The Collector had the most important role to play in the proceeding of the cases filed at either of the judicial institution. In 1825, the first judge for Criminal and Civil cases was appointed. During that time the Collector was given managerial task and was relieved from judicial works.

The rule of Commissionership got abolished in 1826. In 1827, remodeling was done to the old judicature system and was applicable in the Deccan. The Pune district fell under the Deccan and hence was also governed by this remodeled judicature system. In 1838, three district courts were established in Talegaon, Chakan and Junnar. In 1841, another court was established at Indapur. In 1848, five courts were established in districts Vadgaon, Khed, Talegaon, Junnar, and Baramati. Later in 1861, the assistant magistrates were given different names as per their level of work. They were called “Subordinate Magistrate Second Class”, “Subordinate Magistrate First Class”, and “Full-Power Magistrates”.

District Court Pune Address
Nr Sancheti Hospital, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411005
Phone no.: 020 2553 4722

Consumer Court Pune

If any consumer has any complaint against any company or a product, he or she can file a case against the company in the Consumer Court Pune. The cases are solved within a specified period in the consumer court. The aim of the consumer court is to protect the rights of a consumer.

Consumer Rights: According to the Consumer Protection Act, 1986, there are specific rights entitled for consumers in India. These rights have helped many consumers to protect their interests being consumers. The rights are:

  • Right to be safeguarded and protected from any sort of hazardous and harmful goods as well as services.
  • Right to get full information about the quality and performance of the goods and services.
  • Right to choose goods and services freely as per their choice.
  • Right to protect consumer interests by being an active part of the decision making process.
  • Right of seeking redresal in case of infringement of consumer rights.
  • Right to get consumer education completely.

Time limit to file a case

A consumer is recommended to provide the party or the company with an appropriate time i.e., 15-45 days to redress his/her grievance. It is advised by the attorney of the consumer depending on the gravity of the matter. In case the part or company fails to redress the grievance the consumer can file a case against the party or company with the help of legal representative.

Procedure for filing a case

  1. While filling a complaint in the Consumer Court Pune you have to provide copies of various supporting documents such as warranty cards, agreements, cash memos, receipts, etc.
  2. Official notification has to be sent to the particular party or company against which you are lodging a complaint. This is to make them aware about your grievances.
  3. The complaint has to be filed in the specific format meant for lodging complaints.
  4. The complaint has to be filed along with a postal order or Demand Draft of prescribed fees.

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum Address

692, Pushpa Heights, Pune Satara Road
Bibewadi, Pune - 411037
Phone no.: 020 2421 0364 (Registrar), 020 2421 7489 (Office)

Additional Pune District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum

Pushpa Heights, Pune Satara Road
Bibewadi, Pune – 411037
Phone no.: 020 2421 0364 (Registrar), 020 2421 7489 (Office)

Civil Court Pune

The Civil Court Pune hears the civil cases between two parties, who have dispute with each other. They hear the cases about the disputes that are non-criminal like land and money. There are specific steps associated with filing a civil case against any party. These cases are generally not between family members or relatives. These cases are non-criminal cases against any party outside the family.

Civil Court Pune Address
Civil Judge Court, Vadgaon Maval
Near Talegaon Dabhade Railway Station, Talegaon Dabhade
Pune – 410506
Phone no.: 02114 235 210

Family Court Pune

Family Court can be defined as the court which deals with different sorts of family issues. There are many family disputes, which cannot be dealt with the civil or criminal courts. For that, family courts are convened. The cases in which family court can take decision in India are about the matrimonial relief which includes various matters like property of the spouses, restitution of the conjugal rights, divorce, judicial separation, nullity of the marriage, validity of the marriage, guardianship of any person, etc. It also includes the maintenance and the custody of the minor. The cases are filed in the family court as this court is governed by the Family Law of India.

Family Court Pune Address
Floor No 7 & 9, Bharati Vidyapeeth Bhavan
Near Alka Talkies, Sadashiv Peth
Pune – 411030
Phone no.: 020 2433 2034

Industrial Court Pune

The industrial court can be defined as the court, which takes the decision in industrial disputes. The court acts as the arbitrator between the parties. The disputes which arise between different parties in the industrial cases like the labour dispute are heard by the Industrial court.

Industrial Court Pune Address
Commercial Building 1, Swargate, Pune – 411042
Phone no.: 020 2447 0452

Labour Court Pune

Labour Court is governed by the “Industrial Law” of India. The court safeguards the rights of the labours and employees of Pune. According to Indian Labour Law the practice to be followed is:

  • Minimum Wage: Rs. 2,500 per month
  • Standard Working Hours in a day: 8 hours
  • Minimum Rest time: 30 minutes/5 hours
  • Maximum limit of overtime: 200 hours/year
  • Premium pay on Overtime: 100%
  • Dismissal for redundancy is allowed if approved by the Government
  • Government approval is required for dismissal of 1 person
  • Government approval is required for dismissal of 9 persons
  • Government approval is rarely approved for redundancy
  • Regulation of Dismissal Rules: Yes

Labour Court Pune Address
PMT Building, Commercial building 1
Swargate, Pune – 411042
Phone no.: 020 2447 0451
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